Mouthed EP [Vocation Gold]

by ibid.

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1 golden bodies
2 the healing
3 polishing the bones
4 some small thing
5 devotee
6 there are lines


released January 30, 2014

ibid. is Gabriel Mathews.
Vox, guitar, beats, recordings, art by ibid.


Done in Jan.'14 at Los Feliz Yacht Club in LA.

[Vocation Gold]





ibid. Seattle, Washington

Please check out my new band at

"The reason why everyone should move out of Los Angeles."-One Percent Jihad

ibid. is Gabriel Mathews. He moved out of Los Angeles.

Photo: Fay Walker
Background art: Dan Scowley
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Track Name: Golden Bodies
Nineteen & I can't remember my youth or how to get back in it like a soft bed & all I can remember of you is that dress & the way you took it off to be white like a swan for me & so was I & so was I come on filthy how I seem to think of only everything in pink & how it's so lost & all I can remember of you is your hands in my pockets by the graves feeling blasphemous please desert me desert me come on adult now in ways I would rather put off unwilling to let my kid hands risk anything & all I can remember of you is a kiss on my forehead & a look like you'd die being golden bodies it's all left me it's all left me come on youth come back to me you come back to me come on come on
Track Name: The Healing
When the healing started started in my mouth I didn't know what to do so I had a drink & the cuts split open & I bled onto my teeth after you came around around to the side of the boars where we gore each other till our tusks are sore & reddened I stopped knowing who you were cut & run no harm done juice the meat from off my paws snap bits off of all the laws cut & run cut & run
Track Name: Polishing The Bones
Every year you & I will sit down at a table laden with fruit & off-red flowers spending hours dredging up the organs & the keys speaking with our eyes turned off & polishing the bones & I'll approach this with some spooked caution & a weird grin on my teeth & you'll come at it in all your glory with birds coming out your mouth their left wings clipped they spiral down & break their bones upon the ground
Track Name: Some Small Thing
Ornamented like a broadly gleaming church in the white nights of the north ornamented but never ornamental coated in metal burning up find the engravings down the steep valleys of a spine I don't know you're all I know slip me some small thing to let go the milking your touch is a luxury I cannot afford regimented sticking to my empty guns like a dog who's been kenneled regimented grinding your teeth on my own as I space us evenly singly undaunted by lines on your eyelids in the old morning sun another one crammed to the gills with ungainly long limbs you speak now with lips I never have known documented in a small box in a drawer the key I think I've swallowed ornamented
Track Name: Devotee
& how I was just your devotee in such ways as to make me nothing through strike one & strike two don't leave me to myself to my own devices don't make me speak words I do not mean I won't be another's devotee
Track Name: There Are Lines
You don't even think to believe me when I say I'm backing out when I say I'm spoiling I'm milk a month old & I guess that's fair you've known me a liar & I've not changed as much as my skin would like to show but you must know there are lines between everyone we love & between us & you must know I can't untie I'm shrinking while my charges ride high & there are paths ways I could take that would help me to gain weight but I've got too many pills to try that I shouldn't complain I'm shirking the gray you're not even all that bad I just can't meet eyes with someone who's got no will to try "you're not even all that bad you've just made me into a screen & I'm not one" & when I cut my gums it's your blood oh god it's your blood